The Dreaded Weight Gain of a Twin Pregnancy.

No doubt, if you have started to come out of the ethers over the delight and fright of knowing you are expecting twins, when you finally hit the ground it may be with, shall I dare say a heavy thud when you realize the weight you might put on while pregnant with your twins.  I will be honest, when I read a breakdown of the weight I should and probably would gain with my twins I resigned with a big “Just put me on the beach and call me Shamu.”  Was it as bad as all that?  Well I had already a weight issue due to in part from having PCOS, and the thought of the additional weight was not something I was going to enjoy, but accepted it.  But I am here to share with you some encouragement about your impending weight gain and some tips to help manage it physically and mentally.

First off, just because you are carrying twins does not give you a get out of jail card free to go and eat whatever you want.  Sorry, there is only an additional 500 calorie added to your personal calorie intake for twins, and that comes closer to the end of your pregnancy than the beginning.  So what do you do when your additional allotment can be used up in a single Ben and Jerry’s moment?  I will never say not to satisfy your craving, just monitor what you are having.  Don’t be mindless about what you are eating, but be mindful and enjoy the moments when you do fulfill your cravings.  So much more rewarding that way.

Set yourself up with snacks you can eat that are healthy and balanced to meet with all the requirements your body needs as your twins develop.  Don’t forget to take a supplement, especially if you have a difficult time with morning sickness.  Plan your eating strategy now because it will be much easier to maintain after your twins arrive.  Planning for a good habit takes practice, so it your eating habits have not been so great thus far, practice better ones now, because you know all 3 of you will benefit.

If you are already thinking about how you are going to lose the weight once your twins are born, think what is going to be practical or else you will meet with failure.  Unless you have someone to watch over your twins for long periods of time and you are willing to give up that time with your twins, 3 hours at the gym is not very practical especially if you decide to breastfeed.  This is something that would have to be added later on, and trust me having twins is a better workout than the gym.  I have definition in my arms I never had when I used to work out 3 hours a day.  My cardio is even better from walking with my twins and either pushing or carrying the extra weight.  I actually believe that we put on so much weight during pregnancy as to prepare us for when our twins come because we immediately are carrying double the load.  The easiest weight loss plan after having your twins is just raising them.  You are constantly on the go with little time to eat.

I am going to share one of the biggest secrets of all in regards to all the weight gain you may experience when you’re pregnant with twins: if you are eating healthy, gaining a healthy proportion of weekly weight which is about 1-2lbs, it will all come off as fast as it came on.  Within 3 weeks of having my girls, I was in all my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I still remember being in shock the first week when I literally saw 25lbs fall of the scale.  So don’t fear the dreaded weight gain, maintain some control and self discipline in the area of cravings and eat a healthy balanced diet the rest of the time, and you will be fine.

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